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(      ) 101. My grandmother was ___________ by the local paper for experiences as a child during the Hurricane of 1936 and I'm having copies made for the whole family.

(A) interviewed

(B) interview

(C) interviewer

(D) interviewing 

(     ) 102. Ching is a very ___________ woman and always finds a way to get the job done.

(A) resources

(B) resourceful

(C) resourcing

(D) resourced

(     ) 103. After ___________ several financial experts, the company opted to find a national carrier instead of going with independent regional contractors.

(A) consulting / consultant / consul / council / councilor / counsel / counselor   

(B) consultation

(C) advising

(D) inquiry


consult / consultant / consul / council / councilor / counsel / counselor

(      ) 104. Be careful with how you use some of your quotes, as it appears your information was ____________ rather old sources and some of the information you present has been disproven.

(A) taken in

(B) taken out

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 / fE5get; fL`^Zt/ v (pt forgot / fE5gCt; fL`gBt/, pp forgotten / fE5gCtn; fL`^Btn/)
[Ipr, Tn, Tf, Tw, Tg] ~ about sth (not used in the continuous tenses
不用於進行時態) fail to remember or recall (sth); lose the memory of (sth) 忘記(某事物); 遺忘: He forgot (about) her birthday, ie did not remember it at the proper time. 他把她的生日忘了. * I've forgotten her name. 我把她的名字忘了. * Did you forget (that) I was coming? 難道你忘了我要來嗎? * She forgot how the puzzle fitted together. 她忘了那個拼圖是怎麼拼在一起的. * I'll never forget seeing my daughter dance in public for the first time. 永遠忘不了看著我女兒第一次當眾跳舞的情景.
(a) [I, Tt] fail to remember to do sth; neglect
忘記(做某事); 忽視: `Why didn't you buy any bread?' `Sorry, I forgot.'你怎麼沒買麵包呢?’‘真抱歉, 我忘了.’ * Don't forget to feed the cat. 別忘了喂貓. * He forgot to pay me. 他忘了付給我錢/ 也有故意忽視之意. (b) [Tn] fail to remember to bring, buy, etc (sth) or take care of (sth) 忘記購買照料等(某事物): I forgot my umbrella. 我忘帶傘了. * Don't forget the waiter, ie give him a tip. 別忘了給服務員小費.
[Ipr, Tn, Tf] ~ (about) sb/sth stop thinking about sb/sth; not think about sb/sth; put sb/sth out of one's mind
忘掉或不再想某人[某事物]; 不把某人[某事物]放在心上: Let's forget (about) our differences. 咱們不要把彼此的分歧放在心上. * Try to forget (all) about him. 別再想他了. * You can forget about a holiday this year I've lost my job. 你別再想今年去度假的事了--我失業了. * `How much do I owe you?' `Forget it!', ie Don't bother to pay me back. ‘我欠你多少錢?’‘算了吧!’ * The shop will accept cheques and credit cards, not forgetting (ie and also) cash, of course. 這個商店可用支票和信用卡付帳, 當然也收現金. * I was forgetting (that) David used to teach you. 我幾乎忘了大衛以前經常教你.
[Tn] ~ oneself (a) behave without proper dignity
忘乎所以: I'm afraid I forgot myself and kissed him wildly. 當時我有些忘乎所以, 瘋狂地吻著他. (b) act unselfishly 忘我; 無私: Forget yourself and think of someone else for a change. 別光想著你自己, 你也為別人想一次.
習語) elephants never forget => elephant. forgive and forget => forgive.

 > forgetful /
-fl; -fEl/ adj
in the habit of forgetting; likely to forget
健忘的; 好忘記的: Old people are sometimes forgetful. 老人有時愛忘事.
作表語] ~ of sb/sth not thinking about sth; neglectful of sb/sth 對某人[某事物]不考慮、疏忽: be forgetful of one's duties 怠忽職守. forgetfully / -fElI; -fElI/ adv. forgetfulness n [U].


forget to do 和forget doing的區別。

老師講forget doing就是忘了已經幹了什麼事。可有道題目是

Did you buy some vegetables?--,Sorry I forgot taking any money.



我是英語專業的,請相信我,你們老師講的是正確的,這道題是錯誤的,應該是:I forgot to take any money。


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Questions 150-152 refer to the following memo.

TO: John Fromgang

FROM: Malgor Stone

DATE: 18 June 2009

SUBJECT: Employment opportunity

Dear Mr Fromgang,

I run and co-own a language school in Nowy Sacz, Poland and have been given your CV by Matthew Howard, who is working as an instructor at our school. Mr. Howard has _______ that you may be looking for employment while studying about the Holocaust in Poland.


CV (Curriculum Vitae/ vita)

resume, chronological description of one's employment and educational history


(     ) 150. (A) mentions

(B) mentioning

(C) mentioned

(D) mention

We are currently looking for new teachers, as some of our teachers are coming to the end of their contracts. Western Alliance is a large private school currently teaching over 1000 students in open courses and in-house courses for corporate clients. We teach both General Studies and Advanced Academic Studies preparatory / prerequisite courses. Nowy Sacz is a quiet town of 100,000 ________ located approximately 100 km south of Cracow.

(     ) 151. (A) dwellers

(B) inhabitants

(C) occupants

(D) residents

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(    ) 120. Werner still manages to _________ rather well considering he's had two strokes.

(A) get away

(B) get across

(C) get around

(D) get by

get away

escape, flee, break free; leave, depart

get across

make something understood; communicate something in a manner that is clear

get around

bypass, circumvent, avoid; travel from place to place; obtain favor through flattery; become public knowledge

get by

survive (from a financial standpoint) in difficult time, endure financially during a difficult situation (e.g.: "Now that my husband has lost his job, it is going to be very difficult to pay the rent, but I know that we will get by")


(    ) 121. May was never a _________ woman, but firing someone on their birthday was really in bad taste.

(A) consider

(B) considerate

(C) consideration

(D) considering


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(    ) 110. We're not sure what caused it, but Neal ___________ at the boss for no apparent reason and was told to either get counseling or he would be fired.

(A) explode at

(B) exploding at

(C) explosion at

(D) exploded at


council / councilor / counsel   嘻嘻誰 council councilor counsel

consult / consul / console /    輸輸收 consult consul console


council couuncilor counsel

consult consul console



律師; 商議; 勸告


操縱臺; 演奏台; 操作桌; 落地式收音機


領事, 執政官


(    ) 111. Chelsea's ___________ personality helps her make friends wherever she goes.

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是要用The plan has achieved
還是用The plan has completed?
Hi Sheirr,
1.    The plan has been achieved. 中文:這個計畫已經達到
2.    The plan has been completed. 中文:這個計畫已經完成
Here you can see two workers who, between them, have just finished cutting three cart-loads of golden brown macaroni stalks.
As soon as he had finished, Jenny told him she wanted to go home.
This machine part needs surface finishing.
The writer has finished (or completed) the novel. 但是如果作為讀者說“我已經看完這部小說了”,用英語說卻只能是I have finished the novel.
By the end of next year, they will have finished work on the new stadium.
The house was completed five moths ago.
They had just had enough time to swim out of danger when the boat again completed a circle.
A few cars, however, completed the race.


ACCOMPLISH多半是軍方用的,比如MISSION ACCOMPLISH,任務完成,並且有成功完成的意思.


achieve vt.
1.取得, 獲得
eg.They achieved some victories despite these setbacks.
儘管受到這些挫折, 他們還是取得了一些勝利。
2.實現, 達到, 完成
eg.You will achieve your ambition if you work hard.
如果你努力, 你的抱負是可以實現的。
reach vt.
eg.They reached Paris by plane on March 8.
eg.The news reached every part of the world.
vt. & vi.
伸出手臂; 延伸
eg.I can't reach so high.
realize vt.
eg.He realized his dream when he passed the entrance examination.
入學考試通過了, 他的夢想就實現了。
2.瞭解; 認識到
eg.If you were in the Sahara, you would realize the value of fresh water.
如果你在撒哈拉大沙漠, 你就會知道淡水的價值了。
fulfill vt.
complete adj.
1.完整的, 完全的
2.完成的, 結束的
eg.When will the work be complete?
3完滿的, 圓滿的
4.徹底的, 完完全全的
1.完成, 結束
eg.When will you complete the task?
eg.He has completed repairing the car.
表示實現的話一般用achieve,realize,fulfill,reach主要是到達的意思,而complete主要用作形容詞,意思為完整的, 完全的,完成的,用作動詞的話常表示完成,完善的意思。


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TOEIC tests level 22/ Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 22

Code of Practice

Q1 The company had its own code of ....... in these matters.

(a)   code of behavior (b) code of practice (c) code of dealing (d) code of attitude



Q2 This is a ....... example of what not to do.

(a)   critical (b) pure (c) simple (d) prime


adj. judgmental; important, crucial



adj. principal, major, chief; central, main; select, choice, of the highest quality; initial, first; excellent, superior


Q3 Plans have already been drawn ....... to deal with such situations.

(a)   Draw over (b) draw through (c) draw up (d) draw into



Q4 Thousands of ....... are already signing up for this new telephone service.

(a)   individuals (b) subscribers (c) applicants (d) interviewees

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TOEIC tests level 22/ Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 22

Code of Practice

Q1 The company had its own code of ....... in these matters.

(a)   code of behavior (b) code of practice (c) code of dealing (d) code of attitude



Q2 This is a ....... example of what not to do.

(a)   critical (b) pure (c) simple (d) prime


adj. judgmental; important, crucial



adj. principal, major, chief; central, main; select, choice, of the highest quality; initial, first; excellent, superior


Q3 Plans have already been drawn ....... to deal with such situations.

(a)   Draw over (b) draw through (c) draw up (d) draw into



Q4 Thousands of ....... are already signing up for this new telephone service.

(a)   individuals (b) subscribers (c) applicants (d) interviewees

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TOEIC tests Advanced level 23/ Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 23


Q1 My computer is not capable (capable, competent; talented)of saving material on a separate ....... because it has no floppy drive.

(a)   space (b) compact (c) disc (d) place


space. universe; outer space; empty area, gap; place, area; interval; period of time; personal freedom, freedom to express oneself


location, position; standing, position; role, function n.


n. area or district within a city; police station which oversees a precinct; place with set limits or boundaries


 Q2 I understand that I can make it possible for both my computers to share the same programs by means of


(a)   joining (b) connecting (c) linking (d) networking


n. web of wires and transmitters for communication; intersecting combination of interconnected components (especially computers); coordinated system involving a number of things or people; group of associated television or radio affiliates



Q3 I had only had my computer for three weeks when I had to have the hard drive ........

(a)   replaced (b) restored (c) retaken (d) revived

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TOEIC tests level 21 / Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 21

Business Expressions (2)


Q1 I've warned you before that you shouldn't get involved in this matter and you have ....... business discussing it.

(a)    some (b) little (c) no (d) not

have no business

have no right, are not entitled to



Q2 That's really not my concern at all and I'm certainly not ....... the business of telling others what to do.

(a)    in the business (b) out the business (c) of the business (d) by the business

in the business of

engaged in or prepared to engage in.



Q3 She was very enthusiastic about her new job and was making rapid progress ....... nobody's business.

(a)    as nobody's business (b) with nobody's business (c) similar nobody's business (d) like nobody's business

like nobody's business

a lot, busily, like crazy The squirrel was eating nuts - chewing like nobody's business.

like nobody's business

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主题: {跟我学语法}——代语和it句型:特殊主词

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To know what love is which can make you devote all your life. Don't cry because it is over,smile because it happened.

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(The Agreement of Subject and Verb)

重點1 如有下列情形當主詞,須接單數動詞 








He always comes by bus.


Happiness consists in contentment.


Water is very important in our life.



V- ing

To + V       



               + 單數動詞 

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    Tom studies hard, we study hard too.



    I am hungry, she is also hungry.




    The writer and professor has won the prize.



    No boy and girl likes the new teacher.


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Motive vs. Motivation

分類: 未分類資料夾 2010/10/02 16:04


Motive跟motivation到底有什麼差別?   你打算、想要、決定去做某件的起心動念--motive(motive名詞,a reason for doing something做某件事的理由),也就是「為什麼」,那個源頭。 ...《 詳全文

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A Promise

分類: 如何學好英語? 2007/12/04 10:41


學了將近30年的英語,至今只要學到新的東西,還是覺得很興奮。記得大學剛畢業那幾年 (還是 VHS 錄影帶的時代),看一部電影通常要花 3~4 小時,因為要不時地倒帶,重覆聽劇中人物在這樣的場景下 ...《 詳全文

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你/妳可能不知道的臺灣 The Part of Taiwan You Might not Know of

分類: 未分類資料夾 2007/11/28 17:50


淚水在眼眶打轉...    該如何重新感受這塊土地上的人 事 物? http://www.youtube.com/v/gRu2oK0Kqc4 ...《 詳全文

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分類: 如何學好英語? 2007/12/04 10:56


關於拼字:在下幾乎從來不背單字 因為背了會忘 而且這表示我還不太會或不太知道怎麼用這個字 一旦在對話或寫東西的時候用了某個字 幾次之後 自然記住這個字了 還有 如果有字不會唸 在下絕對拼不 ...《 詳全文

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如何背單字 (2)?

分類: 如何學好英語? 2007/12/03 12:08


再以 presentation 為例:1. 例句:- Presentation is important if you want people to buy your products.- The speaker gave an interesting presentation on urban transportation.2. 造句:A: ...《 詳全文

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vote with one's feet

to show that you do not support something, especially an organization or a product, by not using or not buying it any more



Parents are voting with their feet and moving their children to schools where there is better discipline.

(责任编辑:American Slang Freak)

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 Make it or break it 不成功便成仁

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Keep phrase 口條好

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Have something up your sleeve 露一手,錦囊妙計


ps:If you have something up your sleeve, you have idea or plan which you hvae not told anyone about. You can also say that someone has an ace, card, or trick up their sleeve.

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wear one's heart on one's sleeve
She is wearing her heart on her sleeve and everyone knows that she is having problems with her boyfriend again.


ps: If someone wears their heart on their sleeve, they behave in a way that makes their feelings very obvious, for example when they are in lvoe with someone.

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