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事實就是事實 Nothing could be further from the truth.

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巧婦難為無米之炊 Cobra ran out and I can't swing it.

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對事不對人That is beside the point.

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拿別人錢手軟 Money always comes with strings attached

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It takes one to know one 彼此彼此.


It takes one to know one 彼此彼此.- "Only a person with identical character traits would be able to recognize those traits in someone else. Often used as a curt rejoinder to deflect an accusation,you're only saying that about me because it's true of you.彼此彼此 ^_^

eg.你說我愚笨,我說:It takes one to know one 彼此彼此。。你也是。

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happen, occur, take place 辨析






1. happen occur 通常指未經準備地發生或偶然地發生,兩者常可換用,只是後者比前者更正式。如:


The accident happened [occurred] at about 10. 事故大約發生在 10 點鐘。


表示某一事的發生是因為另一事的結果,通常用 happen。如:


What happened when you told her the news? 你告訴她這個消息時,她有何反應?


兩者之後均可接介詞 to,但含義不同:happen to 表示某事發生某人身上,occur to 表示某人想起了某事。如:


What happened to you (the radio)? (收音機)怎麼樣了?


She hoped nothing bad would happen to him. 她希望不會有什麼不幸的事發生在他頭上。


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最普通:Every coin has two sides.
較好用法:Anything is a double-edged sword 
高級用法:Every cloud has a sliver lining.
          A rose has its thorns.
          For every plus there is a minus.
Every coin everything , every cloud , a lose for every plus 

Every coin has two sides.

Everything is a double-edged sword.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

A lose has its thorns.

For every plus there is a minus.

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Questions 141-143 refer to the following memo.


Dear Families,


An update: as was done last year, a packet of information will be mailed to you before the start of the
school year. We are planning for it to go out around August 16. The packet will include all the forms
you'll need to fill out for your child(ren), such as emergency contacts, permission to go on field trips,
pickup________________ , medical, lunch/milk, information about teachers, etc.


(    ) 141. (A) authority

(B)  authorizations '

(C)  authorized

(D) authorities


We will be moving out of the Amherst site to the former Kidsport building in Hadley later this month. Our

classrooms in Amherst are packed up. The move date is dependent on________________ work that needs

to be done. As it was last year, the move schedule was a bit tight but everyone worked hard and we were ready on time.


(    ) 142. (A) renovation

(B)  renovated

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Title         The Cuban crisis (1962)

Document type        Interactive map

Source    European NAvigator.

Keywords       Cuban crisis


        Range of the Soviet rockets installed on the island of Cuba in 1962 in relation to the United States and Latin America.

Location in the digital library     HISTORICAL EVENTS >> 1957–1968 Successes and crises >> Cold War crises >> The Cuban crisis

Document extract    The Cuban crisis Naval blockade Range of Soviet rockets installed in Cuba, October 1962 Canada United States Chicago New York Washington San Francisco New Orleans Mexico Gulf of Mexico Cuba Caribbean Sea Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Panama Canal Puerto Rico Colombia Peru Venezuela Brazil Gulf of Mexico Florida Miami Havana Cape Canaveral Cuba Bay of Pigs Bahamas Atlantic Ocean Naval line of 'Quarantine' (approximate position) Chestnut Line Walnut Line Puerto Rico Haiti Dominican Republic Jamaica Caribbean Sea Guanajay Sagua la Grande Read more in ENA

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陶潛 中英對譯  

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床前 明月
疑是 地上
舉頭 望明
低頭 思故
朝辭 白帝 彩雲間
千里 江陵 一日還
兩岸 猿聲 啼不住
輕舟 已過 万重山

~  ~   ~  
Tiger! |Tiger! |burning |bright
~  ~  ~ 
In the |forest |of the |night,
~   ~  ~   ~
What im|mortal |hand or |eye

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Isn't he, am not I?

I'm quite interested in English.

We can say "He's brave, isn't he?" But can I say "I am brave, am not I". That sounds weird. Anyone tell me the exact expression?

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