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Conquering Confusing Words Unit 5 questions

  1. all ready / already : My cousin keeps a live snake in her house.
  2. Tyler was in a car accident, but he is alive.
  3. Darwin’s theory is that every living thing is the product of an evolutionary past.
  4. The doctor said I was lucky to be alive after that fall.
  5. Every living relative of Jane’s was at her wedding.
  6. all ready / already: The children are all ready for school.
  7. Denise is already an hour late.
  8. Phil was all ready to go when the phone rang.
  9. I already said that I am not hungry.

10.The food is all ready, so we can start eating soon.

11.When Maxine got home, dinner was already prepared.

12.all / complete / total / whole: Ben stayed up all night.

13.This travel package comes with complete(強調內容完整) accommodations.

14.Your room is a total mess.

15.Bob put ate a whole large pizza.

16.Jessica blew out all the candles on her birthday cake.

17.A screen will pop up when the download is complete.

18.The total number of students in the class is fifty.

19.She ate a whole tub of ice cream after dinner.

20.Rick wanted to take a vacation and forget all his worries.

21.The company’s new product was a complete success.

22.The total cost of my trip was eight hundred dollars.

23.The whole company is going on a picnic.

24.allow / permit: Denise isn’t allowed to watch too much TV.

25.The court won’t permit him to get out of jail.

26.The old lady allowed her dogs to sleep on the sofa.

27.Photography isn’t permitted inside the museum.

28.The new law permits us to invest overseas.

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Conquering Confusing Words Unit 4 questions

  1. We played basketball after school was over.
  2. My pen fell behind the sofa.
  3. What are you doing after the movie?
  4. There is a secret door behind the bookshelf.
  5. We played basketball behind the school. We played basketball after school.
  6. They went to the store after dinner.
  7. aged/ ancient / elderly : Mike looks after his aged parents.
  8. The professor found the ruins of an ancient city.
  9. Julia checked up on her elderly grandfather.

10.Sharon studies ancient history, especially ancient Greek history.

11.They government started a new program to care for the elderly.

12.They’ve got one son, Jack, aged 5.

13.ago/ since: She has worked there since 1999.

14.She began working there seven years ago.

15.We met a long time ago.

16.I have known Jenny since she was a little girl.

17.We finished eating a little while ago.

18.This company has been in business since the 1930s.

19.aid/ help: The pictures are an aid to understating.

20.Many countries provided Indonesia with aid after the tsunami.

21.Help! The house is on fire!

22.The city had emergency rescue workers on had to aid the earthquake victims.

23.Can you help me do the dishes?

24.Can you give me some help with these boxes.

25.alike/ like: These two cups are alike.

26.Maggie looks like A-mei.

27.Ian and his brother Tim look alike.

28.Kate and her sister are more alike than they realize.

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Conquering Confusing Words Unit 3 questions

  1. add / increase / plus: Helen addedsome salt to the soup.
  2. I heard the government is going to increasetaxes next years.
  3. I paid $600 for the scooter, plus$50 for a helmet.
  4. One plustwo equals three.
  5. If you addthe numbers, you get thirty.
  6. The advertising campaign was very successful; our sales increased50%.
  7. address/ lecture/ speech: John F. Kennedy’s inaugural addressmoved many young Americans.
  8. I learned so much from the professor’s lecturethis morning.
  9. The president delivered a farewell address.

10.I attended a lectureon how the Internet has changed the world.

11.The speechthe man gave lasted nearly four hours.

12.Let’s give Jack a hand for his wonderful speech!

13.advertisement / commercial : Todd put an advertisementin the newspaper.

14.Kan saw that commercialon TV.

15.I saw an advertisementfor a new line of cleaning products.

16.The TV commercialexaggerates the product’s benefits.

17.Leslie answered a job advertisementin the newspaper.

18.Acting in a television commercialhelped launch the actor’s career.

19.advise / suggest: I am sure the clerk in the visa office can adviseyou about that.

20.I suggestthat you ask Brad.

21.Can you suggesta good restaurant around here?

22.Ben needs someone to advisehim about his education.

23.My financial planner advisedthat I invest in technology stocks.

24.May I suggestthat we postpone the meeting until Monday?

25.affect / influence : How will this economic crisis affectour company?

26.Family and friends often influenceour decisions.

27.The great pianist influencedall pianists that followed.

28.The students were emotionally affectedby the tragic events on campus.

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Conquering Confusing Words Unit 2

  1. Accept vs. receive: Denise accepted Tom’s marriage proposal.
  2. Judy received invitations to the dance from three different boys.
  3. Everyone invited to dinner has accepted.
  4. Did you receive to letter I sent you?
  5. She received a strange package in the mail.
  6. I cannon accept this money from you.
  7. accident / event / happening / incident: Sheila was in a bad car accident.
  8. Reading the newspaper is the most common way to keep up on current events.
  9. My best friend calls me every weekend to inform me on the latest happenings in our hometown.

10.The people were hurt in the accident.

11.There was an incident between Bill and John at work.

12.The meeting went without incident.

13.Last night’s student banquet was a big social event for the school

14.Money raised at the charity event went to a local orphanage.

15.There have been some strange happenings in the neighborhood over the past few weeks.

16.The storm caused many accidents.

17.There was a minor incident between to two countries.

18.ache vs. pain: I have had this persistent ache in my back for quite some time.

19.She stepped on a piece of glass and felt a sharp pain in her foot.

20.The dull ache in his head turned out to be brain cancer.

21.He can’t get over the pain of losing his kitten.

22.When he broke his leg, the pain almost made Jude pass out.

23.Sandra has a terrible headache.

24.across / cross / through: I walked across the street to meet my friend.

25.Cindy helped a blind man cross the street.

26.Tim pushed his way through the dense crowd of people at the train station.

27.Tom traveled through barren desert for days.

28.Children need to be very cautious when crossing the road.

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Questions: Conquering Confusing Words : Unit 1

  1. There is a man standing over.
  2. The blue car outside is mine.
  3. Do you have an umbrella I can borrow?
  4. The students are in grade nine.
  5. Is there a 7-Eleven around here?
  6. The book is called A Tale of Two Cities.
  7. All of Steve’s friends deserted him when he needed them most.
  8. As the flood waters rose, the people were forced to abandon their house.
  9. It is against the law to abandon pets on the street.

10.A small group of soldiers deserted their posts when the enemy attacked.

11.Terry told Rita to quit changing the subject and answer his questions honestly.

12.You should quit smoking, for the sake of better health.

13.I’m not able to Plan tennis today.

14.He’s able to add numbers very quickly.

15.Do you think he is capable of being in charge?

16.Susan is barely capable of having a conversation in Chinese.

17.Is your son able to recite the alphabet yet?

18.New born babies are not capable of walking.

19.I am the ship’s captain. Welcome aboard!

20.Doug is already aboard the plane; his flight leaves in five minutes.

21.If you work hard, your wish to study abroad will come true.

22.You have to be adaptive to live abroad.

23.The train is ready for departure. All aboard!

24.Many people go abroad in the summer.

25.The light switch is above the shelf.

26.I put the other books on your desk.

27.She lives in the apartment above me.

28.The mayor stood on a platform to speak to the crowd.

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