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用雙手寫相反字有很難嗎?I can do miror-writing, can't you?


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China Airlines and others hope roll out of new menus will please passengers (2014/03/19)

China Airlines is revamping its in-flight menu with the help of Michelin-starred chefs. It hopes the new menu attracts culinary inclined passengers.
connoisseur , gourmet , garment, critic,
China Airlines is hoping that expensive seafood will lure passengers away from other airlines. It partnered with a local hotel to provide high-end meals on European routes and will change up the menu every season.

Song Li-to
Hotel Chef
The main design of the menu accommodates spring, summer, fall and winter. It is also suitable for airline routes and offers a different choice of ingredients for a range of passengers.

This menu was produced by Michelin-starred chefs from
Beijing, Berlin and other cities. The meals come at quite a price in terms of ingredients and effort. Keeping them fresh on a long flight can also be quite a challenge.

Chen Ren-cheng
Airline Kitchen Chef
After being chilled to a certain temperature they’re put in the freezer. On the second day, they’re placed on the plane. To ensure freshness, we must take care to control the number of meals we make and not overproduce.

Another domestic airline, EVA Air, is providing traditional meals on all its routes. It is also promoting healthy organic ingredients to attract passengers.


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1. 有錢人可以用百分之一的錢跟政府串通好大玩槓桿操作。魏家在以毒油荼害台灣人民賺取暴利之餘,竟然還可以炒房。帝寶這一買一賣之間瞬間就賺進了幾十億。魏家在2009年以13億元買下9戶帝寶,且貸款成數達99%,也就是自備款只要1,300萬元,如果是一般民眾,只能貸8成,自備款就要2.6億元,一般人有誰的房貸可以貸到99%。

2. 弱勢的民眾連被逼死了都還不放過:苗栗大埔「張藥房」老闆張森文,在中秋節前夕溺斃,死因有待查證,但因為先前老家被拆照片都沒了,兒子張元豪只好上網抓新聞圖片當遺照。另外,張家在路邊搭設棚架設簡易靈堂,也因被民眾檢舉,遭警方開勸導單。

原文網址: 慘!新聞圖片當遺照 張森文靈堂還遭開勸導單 | ETtoday地方新聞 | ETtoday 新聞雲 http://www.ettoday.net/news/20130921/272762.htm#ixzz2xSYCAFlP
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3. 大陸美其名近幾年來經濟突飛猛進,但別忘了了他還是個極度集權的國家。有多少人在大陸做生意,被賣了還不曉得?商人急忙著跟大陸拍馬屁時,別忘了他們是如何箝制人民的言論自由。連facebook, google都無法使用或是天安門事件都無法搜尋的國家,別試圖說服我他們有多麼的美好。

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我說眼中不可以只有上帝,卻沒有人,不可以手中翻著聖經,卻忘了愛。...... 九把刀 / I said that we shall not believe in God without humanity; we shall not just hold the Bible without love. Jiu-Badao

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Muffin was accompanying me while I was preparing for my teaching materials.
相片:Muffin was accompanying me while I was preparing for my teaching materials. :)

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TPO 7 Lecture 2 Biology

l          Pro: So, that is how elephant uses infra sound. Now, let‘s talk about the other

and the acoustic spectrums, sound that is too high for humans to

hear---ultrasounds. Ultrasound is used by many animals that detected and

some of them seen(sent) out very high frequency sounds. So, what is a good

example? Yes, Kayo.

Kayo: Well, bats, since there is (they are )all blind, bets have to use sound for, you know,

to keep them from flying in the things(in to things ).

Pro: That is echolocation. Echolocation is pretty self-explanatory; using

echoes reflected sound waves to located things. As Kayo said that bat used for

navigation and orientation.


Naval / navel


And what is else. Make.

Make: Well, finding food is always important, and I guess not becoming food

for other animals.

Pro: Right, on both accounts. Avoiding other predators, and locating prey,

typically insects that fly around it at night. Before I go on, let me just respond

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1. 為了感謝大家的支持。本網站將於每週不固定日期全面開放兩天。請多加利用!

2.為了感謝大家長久以來的支持,Jason瘋英文網站將連續開放三天(還剩1天),無需密碼登入。歡迎大家踴躍利用 :)

3. 由於同學時常常詢問Jason瘋英文的密碼. 在此一併回答: 密碼的更動是隨著每次高階反義字連動的。 因此同學們只要根據密碼提示並比對當周所教單字就可以得出密碼。這樣同學就可以順便複習

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連接詞 or 並沒有結合的作用,所以,在使用 ornor 的場合,比較接近動詞的主詞決定了動詞的數。至於主詞是在動詞的前面還是後面則無關緊要。

  • Either my father or my brothers are going to sell the house.
  • Neither my brothers nor my father is going to sell the house.
  • Are either my brothers or my father resposible?
  • Is either my father or my brothers responsible?

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together withas well asalong with 等片語與 and 並不相同。

  • The mayor as well as his brothers is going to prison.
  • The mayor and his brothers are going to jail.

as well asalong with 所引導的片語係修飾前面的字 (本例為 mayor),但它並未使主詞複數化 (而 and 則有使主詞 1+1=2 的複數化作用)。

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Subject-Verb Agreement



基本原則:單數主詞需要單數動詞;複數主詞需要複數動詞。My brother is  a nutritionist. My sisters are mathematicians.
1. 你給我記住:不定代名詞 (indefinite pronouns) anyone, everyone, someone, no  one, nobody 永遠是單數!
  • Everyone has done his or her homework.
  • Somebody has left her purse.

若干不定代名詞 (如 all, some) 為複數或單數 -- 視其所指的名詞為可數或不可數而定。

  • Some of the beads are missing.
  • Some of the water is gone.

相對地,none 這個不定代名詞可為單數或複數都沒關係,除非句子中有別的人事物來決定它的數。

  • None of you claims responsibility for this incident?
  • None of you claim responsibility for this incident?
  • None of the students have done their homework. (在最後這個例子中,their 這個字告訴你要使用複數動詞,不能使用單數動詞。)
2. 你給我記住:若干不定代名詞特別麻煩:everyoneeverybody, 它們讓我們覺得我們好像是在談論一個人以上,所以應該使用複數動詞;而 each 的後面通常接以複數字做結尾的介系詞片語,這經常困擾我們對動詞的選擇。

Everyone has finished his or her homework.

記住:你一定要說 "Everybody is here." 這意謂這個字是單數,沒有什麼事情會改變此一事實。

Each of the students is responsible for doing his or her work in the  library.

別讓 "students" 給迷惑了;主詞是 each,而 each 永遠是單數:Each is  responsible.

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為了感謝大家長久以來的支持,Jason瘋英文網站將連續開放三天(還剩1天),無需密碼登入。歡迎大家踴躍利用 :)

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為了感謝大家長久以來的支持,Jason瘋英文網站將連續開放三天(還剩1天),無需密碼登入。歡迎大家踴躍利用 :)

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Riot police forcefully remove student demonstrators from the Executive Yuan (2014/03/24)
legislator , legislation , a semblance of order 
For the first time ever last night the Executive Yuan was infiltrated by demonstrators. A faction of students acting separately from those leading occupation of the Legislature decided to expand protests over the trade-in-services pact that Taiwan signed with China to the nation’s main decision-making body. After a brief occupation there, they were forcefully expelled by riot police.
an offshoot of one still ongoing

Meant the demand of that a trade of services pact
Shortly after the strike of
midnight, police began their offense to expel demonstrators occupying the Executive Yuan.

Confronted by riot police, some students acquiesced and were removed easily. Others resisted and ended up covered in wounds and blood.

In a second wave, police cleared the back of the Executive Yuan within an hour. Next, they sought to remove students exercising a sit-in at the front entrance of the main Executive Yuan building.

Some students lying on the ground clasped arms to resist being carried off.

Police used their shields to push away the standing demonstrators. Those who couldn’t be removed were subjected to water cannons.

Remaining demonstrators were drenched. Another water cannon truck arrived to spray the students located between the Executive Yuan entrance and outer barricades.

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