Dear Ms. Tyler:

We are writing to inform you of costs being applied to your credit card for three delinquent DVDs at our Loraine Branch of Your Local Video Store. We have attempted to call you several times at your residence and have not been able to reach you and the three DVDs, Wrestlemania 22, Ernest Goes Fishing and Four Funerals and a Wedding: or Five of the Same Thing, were checked out on 15 March and are now over 30 days past due.

If you have the DVDs at home and wish to return them, we will accept them until 20 April, where 再這一點上you will be fined $25.00 for each DVD. If you have lost or damaged them then your account will be charge $80.97 for each DVD plus a 10% processing and ordering fee for each of the replacements. Your membership has also been suspended, pending cancellation.

If this letter has reached you in error please contact us at your earliest convenience so we may resolve this matter.


Ann Gauthier Owner, Your Local Video Store



Dear Ms. Gauthier:

I believe I have received a letter from your store/company by mistake regarding delinquent DVDs and having charges placed on my credit card for items not returned to your store. To begin with, I do not have a membership at Your Local Video Store and secondly, I do not have a DVD player, so I know that I have not rented nor have I been in your store for any business purposes. However, I have checked my credit card statement and your store has charged my credit card for several DVDs and I am extremely concerned about how you obtained my credit card information. I have already contacted my credit card company and have asked them to close my account/issue new cards, not because you charged my account, but because you had my credit card information, which I know I did not give you. I am highly concerned one of my teenage neighbors has either accessed my mail or gone through my garbage to get my credit card information and has used it at your store. / acquire / attain / gain / obtain/ get /

Please cancel my account, if you have not already done so, and please contact me so that we may contact the police together to better solve this problem. While it is unfortunate that your store has been victimized in my name, it is worse for me to think what might be happening with my credit card. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours in good faith, Yvonne Tyler


(    ) 196. How much will Yvonne Tyler's credit cards be charged if she doesn't return the DVDs?

(A)  Approximately $25.00

(B)  Approximately $90.00

(C)  Approximately $200.00

(D)  Approximately $275.00


(    ) 197. Which of the following is a DVD that was claimed to have been rented by Yvonne Tyler?

(A)  A Scorpion's Sting: The True Story of Ariel Jeng's Loves

(B)  Ernest Goes Travelling

(C)  Four Weddings and A Funeral: or Five of the Same Thing

(D)  Wrestlemania 24


(    ) 198. How does Yvonne Tyler prove she didn't rent these DVDs?

(A) She only likes horror movies

(B)  She claims not to have a DVD player

(C)  She informs the store she was out of the country when they were rented

(D) She tells the store that she is legally blind and can't see the TV


(    ) 199. What does Yvonne suggest she and the store do together?

(A) Contact her credit card company

(B)  Contact the police to file a report

(C)  Contact the bank

(D) Review the video tapes to see if they can tell who rented the DVDs


(    ) 200. How does Yvonne Tyler think someone got her credit card information?

(A)  Someone stole her purse

(B)  Someone at the store is a thief

(C)  Someone went through her mail

(D)  Someone hacked into her computer


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